Inverse Trigonometric Functions

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In this lesson, we will learn about the inverse trigonometric functions (inverse circular functions). We previously learned how to restrict the domain of a non-one-to-one function in order to make it into a one-to-one function. Here, we will use the same strategy and restrict the domain of sine, cosine, and tangent in order to obtain their inverses. When we work with the inverse sine function or arcsine, y is the number in the interval [-π/2, π/2] whose sine is now x. Similarly, when we work with the inverse cosine function or arccosine, y is the number in the interval [0, π] whose cosine is x. Lastly, when we work with our inverse tangent function or arctan, y is the number in the open interval (-π/2, π/2) whose tangent is x.
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