Solving Exponential Equations with Like Bases

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In this lesson, we will learn about solving exponential equations with like bases. This technique allows us to find the values of variables by equating the exponents of identical bases. To do this, we can utilize a straightforward rule which states that if we have an equation of the form ay = ax, then we can conclude that x is equal to y, given that a is greater than 0 and not equal to 1. This rule forms the foundation for solving equations involving exponential expressions with similar bases. The concept behind solving exponential equations with like bases is rooted in the understanding that when two exponential expressions share the same base, their exponents must be equal for the expressions to be equal as well. By setting the exponents equal to each other, we can create a new equation that can be solved to determine the value of the variable. It's important to note that this method works specifically when the bases of the exponential expressions are identical. If the bases differ, we cannot directly equate the exponents and apply this rule. In such cases, we employ alternative techniques, like logarithms, to solve the equations.
Solving Exponential Equations with Like Bases:
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