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In this section, we continue to review addition. We previously reviewed some of the most basic concepts related to addition. We discussed how to add single-digit whole numbers using a number line. What happens when we begin adding larger numbers? We will often encounter addition with: 2 digit numbers, 3 digit numbers, and larger. The focus of our lesson is to review the process of addition with multi-digit numbers when regrouping is involved.
When we add multi-digit numbers, in most cases we use vertical addition. Vertical addition allows us to add very large numbers by breaking the addition process down into a series of simpler steps. In order to add two or more whole numbers vertically, we line the numbers up by place value. Then we begin in the far right column and add the numbers in the ones’ place, followed by the tens, hundreds,...etc. When the result of a single column is larger than nine, we utilize something known as regrouping (also known as the carrying procedure).
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