Number Line Addition

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In this section, we will be focused on number line addition. Specifically, we are reviewing addition with single-digit whole numbers, one of the most basic operations in math. We will learn how to perform this operation with whole numbers using a number line. Let’s begin by defining the whole numbers.
Whole Numbers:{0,1,2,3,4,…}
The whole numbers begin with 0 and increase in increments of 1 indefinitely. The whole numbers can be used to count any number of objects. When we first start counting and adding whole numbers, we generally use some sort of visualization: fingers, apples, blocks, etc…
A number line can be drawn to provide a visual representation of the whole numbers: A sample number line for the whole numbers. We can use a number line to visually understand the addition process. This will also help when we add more complicated numbers such as integers. Essentially, to add using a number line we start at the left number of our problem and move right on the number line by the number of units being added.
Example 1: Add 4 + 3 using the Number Line
Adding 4 + 3 using a number line, the result or sum is 7 We start at 4 on the number line (leftmost number in the addition problem)
We then move 3 units right to arrive at our answer of 7
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