's Back Story: was created by John Greene during his master's program in the summer of 2008. While watching math tutorials on YouTube, he was inspired by content creators such as Sal Khan and PatrickJMT. Being a graduate assistant at San Diego State University, a part time tutor, and a provider of educational resources to many students in the past decade, John decided to act. He started making his own YouTube tutorials, and after a year he was beginning to see some positive feedback. Over the course of the next year, the catalog grew. was created as a way to organize the YouTube content into the proper sequence. Now, you can start at the most basic Prealgebra and progress in the natural order of any classroom setting. It is the goal of to provide a free, convenient, and effective way to learn math. Our mission is to provide free math help to anyone with an internet connection! Additionally, we now have practice sets and quizzes to go along with our videos. This means more ways to help you Ace your Exam!


John Greene attended Louisiana State University, and Southeastern Louisiana University. He recieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Mathematics and a Master of Arts degree in Economics from San Diego State University. During his studies, he spent many hours tutoring students in economics, math, and finance. Additionally, he was a graduate assistant at San Diego State University, and helped to teach several entry level University courses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you make a private video? What if I have additional questions, or need clarification on a specific topic?
• No, we are following a general guideline for high school and college math. We will take your suggestions into account, but do not make specific videos. We are not a homework service! This means we don't create videos or discuss how to solve your specific homework problem. If you have questions related to the problems in our videos, or need additional help with a topic we cover, please email us. We would love to ensure that everyone has a full understanding of our lessons, practice sets, and quizzes.
Do you offer private tutoring via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc...? How much does it cost?
• No, we do not offer private tutoring of any form.
Why are some of the sections finished and others not? Why do certain pages all link up to the same video? What is taking so long?
• These are the most emailed questions, so let us save you some time and answer them here. This site is completely free. We do serve ads on the site and on YouTube, but the ads are minimal and the revenue is extremely small. The creation of the site is immensely time consuming. The programming of the website and creation of: video lessons, practice sets, and quizzes are added when time allots. In some cases videos are filmed but can't be edited for some time. In other cases, there is simply a lag before the site is updated.

• In some cases, a video doesn't match its given section. Our site has many identical pages. Each new section is simply copied from a created template. When pages are first created, they all link to the original video from the template. If you see a video that doesn't match the title, it's probably not a mistake. In most cases, we haven't yet updated the specific page and link to its corresponding video. In some cases the video is ready; you can email us for the unlisted YouTube link.
Can I download your videos? I'm from some fake organization that helps kids in some made up country and we need your help!
• NO! the content is already free and we want to be able to derive some revenue from its use. We've already had to take legal action against several parties for pirating our videos and selling them. We are all about supporting those who need help in math, whether they have means or not, again that's why our content is COMPLETELY FREE ALREADY!
I love your project and want to help out, what can I do to help out
• First off, for those of you who do actually help us out, we want to take a moment and say thank you! Our project would not be possible without your support. We accept donations via our donation page. You can donate monthly or just once via PayPal. If you don't have any money, you can simply link to our website on social media. If you find a video particularly helpful, please embed the video on your page using YouTube's embed feature or simply share the YouTube link. Any traffic helps us, as our users grow, our revenue from donations and ads will grow. Even if you can't donate, spreading the word immensely helps the project.
What type of Hardware/Software do you use to create and edit the videos?
• Hardware: Dell XPS Computer, Blue Yeti Microphone, and Wacom Cintiq Pro
picture of a dell computer
Dell XPS 8900
picture of a blue yeti microphone
Blue Yeti Microphone
picture of a wacom cintiq 24 HD touch
Wacom Cintiq Pro
• Software: Camtasia Studio, Microsoft One Note, and Microsoft Visual Studio Code
picture of Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio
picture of Microsoft Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code
picture of Microsoft One Note
Microsoft One Note

Contact Information:

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at: admin(at)