Exponent Rules

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In this section, we learn about Exponent Rules, specifically, we will explain how to use the product and power rules for exponents. Understanding these rules will enable us to perform operations with polynomials. In pre-algebra, we learned that exponents were a convenient way to notate the same number multiplied by itself. We are expanding on the basics and learning a few rules here. The first rule is known as the product rule for exponents. This rule tells us that when we multiply two expressions in exponent form, where the base is the same, we can keep the base the same and add exponents. In addition to this, we will also learn several power rules for exponents. The power to power rule tells us that when we raise a power to another power, we keep the base the same and multiply exponents. Lastly, we discuss raising a product to a power along with raising a quotient to a power.
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