Product & Power Rules for Exponents

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In this lesson, we will review the product rule for exponents, having an exponent of zero, and the power rules for exponents. We will begin by looking at the product rule for exponents. When two exponential expressions have the same base and are involved in a multiplication operation, we can find our product by keeping the base the same and adding the exponents. Next, we will discuss the power to power rule. This rule is used when an exponential expression is raised to another power. To simplify this type of problem, we keep the base the same and multiply the two powers or exponents together. We will also look at raising a product to a power and raising a quotient to a power. When a product is raised to a power, we can simplify by writing each factor raised to that power. Similarly, when a quotient is raised to a power, we can raise the numerator (dividend) and denominator (divisor) to that power. We will wrap up our lesson by exploring an exponent of zero. When we raise a non-zero exponent to the power of zero, we always get a result of 1.
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