Factoring by Grouping Test #3

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In this section, we review how to factor a four term polynomial using factoring by grouping. With this method, our goal is to produce and factor out a common binomial factor. We begin the process by factoring out the GCF from the four term polynomial. If the GCF is 1, we proceed to our next step. We then want to arrange our terms into two groups of two, such that each group has a common factor. In some cases, we may have to use a common factor of 1 or -1. We then factor out the GCF or –(GCF) from each group. We look to see if the result yields a common binomial factor. When this occurs, we factor out the common binomial factor and report our answer. In some cases, we fail to get a common binomial factor on the first try. When this occurs, we may be able to rearrange terms and try a different grouping.
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